by Liam Ashley Clark


by Morris Vogel

Opening Saturday 19 October 2019 18.00 to 20.00

Exhibition 19 October to 23 November 2019

Morris Vogel | Watching the World Burn | 2019

Morris Vogel | Watching the World Burn

The fate of the world lies in the hands of psychopaths. Empty souls on the prowl for ever more destruction to satisfy their greed. Never content, they seek out every last corner of the earth. Spreading like cancer, unwilling to stop until the host has perished. This ecocide is justified by the all-encompassing myth of progress and we continue sustaining the unsustainable.

Having been relegated to the role of consumers, we passively watch the tragedy unfold from behind our screens. Collective madness clouds our minds, while the echo chambers of social media blur the thin line between truth and illusion. Addicted to the all-encompassing spectacle, we are complicit to our own oppression.

Words cannot do this catastrophe justice, which is why I have tried to do so using images, a universal language.

Morris Vogel (born 1993 in Switzerland) is a self-taught artist from Basel

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Liam Ashley Clark | Some reasons why things have become horrible and evil.


Liam Ashley Clark | Some reasons why things have become horrible and evil.

In my recent practice I made the decision to produce works directly influenced by politics and society.

Having recently completed a Masters in Fine Art, during which I explored humour in art and various painting practices, this work is a continuation and progression of these ideas.

As an artist I feel that it is important to use the work to create discussion and debate around important and current topics. I use the humour, and the naivety of my painting style, to allow these subject matters to become approachable to the viewer, with the aim to engage them in thinking about the topic at hand.


The themes within the work are diverse and varied, from climate change to Brexit, from austerity to anti-vaccination groups. Though these subjects are so widely different, I feel that they are all hugely important, and affect people across the globe.


The exhibition title is a reference to a painting by the artist Chris Johanson.

Liam Ashley Clark, September 2019

Born In Ipswich, Suffolk, 1990 and currently living and working in Norwich, Norfolk. Liam Ashley Clark is a Bloomberg New Contemporary Artist 2019.

His work takes influence from the D.I.Y. cultures and creators of skateboarding, punk, hip-hop and folk scenes and is inspired by a wide spectrum of interests including; politics, society, psychology, current events, youth culture and more.

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Morris Vogel | Watching the World Burn | 2019

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