March 2021

No one is free until we all are free
zine by Hilde Kentane, 2021

As all oppression is connected, we must deploy an intersectional approach in our fight for liberation including in particular the liberation of nonhuman animals. Indeed, their oppression, exploitation and objectification goes way beyond imagination, yet has been normalised, legalised and accepted in our society and everyday lives. 

Let’s end all oppression, since no one is free until we all are free.
Hilde Kentane

Format 21 x 14,9 cm DIN A5
40 pages
+ 4 stickers
50 copies

CHF 15,–

March 2021

Slap Me Baby #3

Slap Me Baby ist ein Kollektiv aus Basel, das sich 2018 der Produktion, Dokumentation und Förderung der lokalen und internationalen Aufkleberkultur und artverwandten Disziplinen verschrieben hat. Wir produzieren Sticker, dieses Zine und organisieren Conventions. In Artikeln, Vorträgen und Essays setzen wir uns theoretisch mit der Materie auseinander.

Format 21 x 14,9 cm DIN A5
74 pages
150 Exemplaren
September 2021

CHF 12,–

January 2021

carpark issue 14
late 2020
fashion arty mag based in London / Zürich

this issue was conceived between late September and November as a zine to participate at the Volumes Art Fair in Zürich. Predictably the fair was cancelled due to the pandemic and the material was slighty expanded
and forms this issue, number 14
publisher carpark studio

30 x 23 cm

CHF 24,–

January 2021


SOFT NEED #23 will be the final issue of a little mag founded by Udo Breger back in 1973. Planned as another magazine, SOFT NEED #23 ended up to be a book of 260 pages with more than 80 contributors from all over the world & 190 illustrations.
SOFT NEED #23 is conceived in the spirit of friendship. Dedicated to Ian Sommerville, mathematician, friend & collaborator of William Burroughs & Brion Gysin, it contains literary essays, photographs, poetry, visual art, caricature, memories & and all kinds of bits & pieces

Edited by Udo Breger & Luzius Martin for
Expandes Media, Editions, December 2020

32 x 24 cm
260 pages
Trade edition of 431 copies

CHF 85,–

December 2020

OVERDRIVE issue No 5
Anti Culture Magazine

Die Schwierigkeit ist nicht, Overdrive zu starten, die Schwierigkeit ist es am Leben zu halten. Doch was ist, wenn die Umstände plötzlich Lebenserhaltung verlangen? Welchen Stellenwert hat ein Quatsch und Quatschen Heftli in Zeiten von globaler Seuche, Wirtschaftskrise und kontinenentalen Feuersbrünsten?

Deshalb unser Tipp: Investiere in Sachwert in diesen unsicheren Zeiten! Ob al Brennmaterial, zum isolieren, als Masturbationsvorlage oder zum Kakerlaken zerkloppen, das Overdrive lässt dich auch in Zeiten der Apokalypse nicht im Stich!

Issue #5, December 2020
Auflage: 400 Exemplare
29,8 x 21 cm
184 Seiten

CHF 15,–

November 2020

print by STF Moscato

STF Moscato is a stencil artist from Marseille.

Serigraphie / screen print for Le Mur Dijon, November 2020
Format 70 x 50 cm, 5 colors
Edition of 58

CHF 150,–

November 2020

book by Christopher de Bethune

This book is a two years endless blink of happiness.

„You always said that I dreamt too much.
Hearts and minds of those who tried,
by the sea and the salt.
You were the Ra and I was the seed.
And despite the heavy clouds,
I hope that flowers will bloom,
where the sun, only once shown.“

Size: 18 x 24 cm, 52 pages and a booklet printed on silver paper
Soft silver silkscreened cover on dark grey paper
Printed flap covers, Singer binding
Offset printing
Including a 13 x 18 cm Print

First Edition, November 2020
400 copies
dienacht Publishing, Leipzig
Format 24 x 18 cm

CHF 35,–

November 2020

book by Peter Fettich

In the photographs of Peter Fettich, you will find evidence of a life fully lived. A word full to the brim with friendship, pain, suffering and at times moments of pure bliss.

By avoiding a narrative of focusing on traditional action skate photos, Fettich brings the viewer inside his world. We are given a front row seat inside the psyche of what drives people to create these DIY spaces for themselves. What motivates the people behind these places?

This work was not created by an outsider and that’s why it is so fascinationg to observe. 

Self published by Peter Fettich
Edition of 300 copies, Ljubljana, September 2019

Format 26,5 x 20,5 cm

CHF 40,–

October 2020

„back on“

go back on one’s promise
: to not do what one said one would definetly do

go back on one’s word
: to break one’s promise

Self Publishing, Postojna, Slovenia
Photos by Peter Fettich, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Format 21 x 14,5
40 pages of 160g photo paper
Edition 42 copies

CHF 15,–

October 2020

No Contact Sheets, second roll – Sixteen Photographers

Project started during Paris lockdown in April/Mai 2020, 16 photograhers shared one roll of film, connecting from neighborhood to neighborhood, in frame of one hour and one kilometer freezing one frame. 

2nd roll, start and deals with time after lockdown. This time with 16 new people in new frame of sharing 2 images on one roll of film

In order of passing film: Magaux Saingolet, Romain Batard, Leo Spartacus, Thibault Lenourt, David Couliau, Maxime Michel, Antoine Jouguet, Julien Ducas, Jérémy Garcia-Zubialde, Marius Chanut, Florian Debray, Sebastian Charlot, Sarah Willmeroth, Guillaume Perimony, Selim Osseirane, Luidgi Gaydu

28,5 x 40,5 cm, 22 pages, 120 gr
Self Publishing
Atelier Publimod * Dysturb

CHF 25,–

October 2020

No Contact Sheets, first roll – 16 photographers

Une pellicule
One roll of film
Seize Sixteen Photographs
One hour Une heure
Un One Kilometer
Une Image One Frame.

During Paris lockdown, 16 photograhers shared one roll of film, connecting from neighborhood to neighborhood, in frame of one hour and one kilometer freezing one frame.
April/Mai 2020, Paris 

In order of passing roll of film: Benjamin Deberdt, Gorge Booth Cole, JB Gurliat, Yedihael Canal, Greg Dezecot, Louis Perruchaud, Clement Chouleur, Bertrand Trichet, Clement Harpillard, Scott H. Bourne, Thomas Busuttil, Sergej Vutuc, Mathieu Mathon, Oliver Tavu Ente, Pierre Tedjaman, Ludovic Azemar, Atelier Publimod 

Text: JB Gurliat, Greg Dezecot, George Booth Cole, Scott H. BourneClement Chouleur, Mathieu Mathon

Street Exhibition, 23.6.2020, 81 Quai de Valmy, Paris

artist book
20 x 28,5 cm, 22 pages

CHF 18,–

October 2020

Abfolge, emouvant tel quel i tako el la piéce elle-même, Sergej Vutuc

„Abfolge, emouvant tel quel i tako tako el la piéce elle-meme“ can be seen as a prolongation of Sergej Vutuc’s former (2016) questioning of possibilities with „Abfolge“; meaning „sequence“, the first installment already tickled the viewer’s certainties with its juxtaposition of folded photographs physically reassembled and therefore composing new landscapes of alternative realities, thereby inviting said viewer to reconsider their perception of truth by the means of deconstruction and reconstruction – an offer made complete by the physical presentation of the piece, which can be taken apart then reassembled just as such, matching as many possible mental images.

Now in „Abfolge, emouvant tel quel i tako tako el la piéce elle-meme“ , dimensions keep blending into one another as motion turns into texture, physical space into patterns and text, abolishing definitions and descriptions. By capturing so much, photocopied on black recycled paper then free to be manipulated and reinterpreted equally, the object itself raises the question of the natural potential of both the medium and human communication as a whole – one that would transcend its intellectualized representation by resonating with a frequency more universal than any orchestration of languages amidst an existence of non-stop chaos. 

Aymeric Nocus, Live skateboard media

19,5 x 28 cm, 20 pages, folded, photocopy, obi – stencil duplicator
Edition 100, Paris/Berlin, 2020

CHF 18,–

October 2020

Behind the Trick – Poster

Alex – The Warriors Family

Hand Screen printed posters, 2 colored layers.
50 x 65 cm
10 copies

CHF 30,–

October 2020

Warriors Family

zine for the exbitition BEHIND THE TRICK by The Warriors Family
Gallery Daeppen, October 2020
13,5 x 10 cm, 28 pages
99 copies

CHF 5,–

October 2020

Blood Becomes Water – The Bulgarian Issue no 2

The first issue of Blood Becomes Water was published in 2010 when there was still no zine scene in Bulgaria. It is no coincidence that we chose to start our project with a “Bulgarian issue”, believing in the importance of having an edition that places our country on the map in the larger world of art books and fanzines. The Bulgarian Issue # 2 collects artworks printed in various techniques such as silkscreen, risograph and digital printing. This publication comes in the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the collective and presents 10 Bulgarian artists.

Technical details: Multiple formats – 56 pages – Body includes: digital print on 120 gr recycled paper, digital print  & spray on plastic film, risograph print in 5 colours on ArcoPrint Milk 120gr, screenprint in 3 colours on 160gr paper – Cover: medium blue risograph print on bright red 160g paper – Handmade bound – 50 copies, printed in Sofia & Brussels

Featured work of: Dzhingibi / Rosie Eisor / Vikenti Komitski / Mihail Novakov / Pastedko / Boris Pramatarov / Raya Rayax / Sa6ettu / Technobeton / Trapers
Concept, design & selection: Rosie Eisor & Raya Rayax
Cover: Rosie Eisor & Raya Rayax & Robin Renard

CHF 35,–

October 2020

Sylvain Bureau – NOPE
Published as part of the exhibition NOPE, the book presents a selection of engravings by Belgian artist Sylvai Bureau on the themes of the relationship between humans and nature, the opposition between nature / technology and mechanics.

Book format A4 of 24 pages
B&W laser printing and 3-color riso
Arena Ivory Paper 140g and 250g
100 copies

Editions E2, Bruxelles
September 2020

CHF 15,–

October 2020

Riso Paradiso is a collective of six individuals connected by research and creation in the fields of risography, graphic design, printing techniques, visual communications, photography, illustration and publishing.  

The book is continuation of a residency project that was held in January 2020 at the Hiša kulture Pivka gallery. Theme of the residency was inspired by the in-house LP collection of colleague Leon Zuodar who also co-runs the gallery. Through his record collection they recognised the spirit of their generation. 

Result of the residency was 6 different screen prints, but the idea was further upgraded as the project proceeded and an art publication in the risography technique was conceived.  

Artworks by Jure Sajn, Marko Sajn, Mina Fina, Nejc Korenic, Urska Alic, Zoran Pungercac

Riso print published by Look Back and Laugh, Ljubljana, 2020
100 copies

CHF 20,–

October 2020

Fraser Thorne MAD JEGGE
Photographs taken by Fraser Thorne during a trip in Jamaica
London (self-published), 2019
risograph and colour digital throughout
100 copies

CHF 15,–

October 2020

Collective of Sighs
Featuring artworks by
Tjasa Cizej, Marko Gavez, Klemen Ilovar, Jurij Lozic, LeaLudvik, Bor Kokelj, Ema Kobal, Matija Medved, Miha Perne, NezPez, Nejc Prah, Sangara Perhaj, Dorijan Sisko, Gasper Ursic, Jaka Vatovec, Tadej Vaukman, Sonja Vulpes, Luna Woelle, Leon Zuodar

Published by Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia and
Look Back and Laugh, Ljubljana

Print: Riso Paradiso, September 2020
300 copies

CHF 22,–

October 2020

new zines by Innen Zürich
Vivienne Westwood, March 2020
Sötétben nö a ször by Tüü Zsombor, 2020
Kosmiche Mexique by Misha Hollenbach, 2020
Marital Realism by Brad Phillips, 2020
Space Air Earth Water Wood Metal Fire by Evelyne Wüthrich, 2020
Veil by Russell Kley, 2020
Sari by Akiko Watanabe, 2020
Unnen by Toshio Saeki, 2019
Willhemtown by Bernhard Wihlem, 2019
Efflorescence by Virgil Abloh, 2019
The Disease of Wanting to Be Accepted by Jerry Hsu, 2019

CHF 12,– each

September 2020

Morris Vogel aka Rupture Art
Print 70 x 100 cm (detail)

The fate of the world lies in the hands of psychopaths. Empty souls on the prowl for ever more destruction to satisfy their greed. Never content, they seek out every last corner of the earth. Spreading like cancer, unwilling to stop until the host has perished. This ecocide is justified by the all-encompassing myth of progress and we continue sustaining the unsustainable.

Having been relegated to the role of consumers, we passively watch the tragedy unfold from behind our screens. Collective madness clouds our minds, while the echo chambers of social media blur the thin line between truth and illusion. Addicted to the all-encompassing spectacle, we are complicit to our own oppression.

2 colors silkscreen / 50 ex / 70-100 cm / ferdrigoni velum 260 grm 
Print by Le Dernier Cri, Marseille

CHF 90,–

July 2020

Zoran Lucic The Loneliness of the Sub Goalkeeper
Published by Loock Back and Laugh, Ljubljana, February 2020
Print: Riso Paradiso

Soccer in itself can be pretty boring. In certain games, nothing much happens on the field. Sure, Barca’s tiki-taka or Arsenal’s Wengerball were mesmerising to watch and it’s always nice to see a burst of activity when two teams really go for it, but sometimes soccer can get plain dull. Its redeemers are its best players, its stars whose dazzling skills transform stasis into explosions heard around the world. Games, seasons and even trophies slowly drift into oblivion while moments of individual brilliance remain etched in our collective memory. 

Maradona’s and Messi’s mazing runs, Zlatan’s scissor kick, Bergkamp’s flick against Newcastle and Roberto Carlos’s swerving free kicks are iconic moments that will never be forgotten. In a way, soccer is all about the spectacle of a monumental image frozen in time. It lends itself to the t-shirt-worthy, the bedroom-wall-ready. With his work, 

Zoran Lucić breathes new life into the sometimes staid aesthetics of soccer. Legends like Cruyff and Iniesta and cult heroes like Safet Sušić and Eric Cantona all get their deserved place on a pedestal, while the beautiful game finally gets a visual accompaniment worthy of its split seconds of magic.

80 pages
190 x 265 mm
Soft bound, eight-color risograph
200 copies, February 2020
ISBN 978-961-94711-5-9

CHF 22,—

July 2020

Published by Look Back and Laugh, Ljubljana, February 2020
Print: Riso Paradiso

Dunja Janković is an artist from Croatia who lives and works in Barcelona. Her work spans different media, from collaging, 3D installations and comics as abstract narration to music and video. In her latest book, she experiments heavily with risograph and with how the machine works, printing layers of colour over one another. Through various combination of colour and psychedelic patterns, her abstract compositions speak without words and together form a vibrant experience in the form of a book.

42 pages
187 x 262 mm
riso print
Saddle-stitched, four-color risograph, sunflower, blue, red and black ink
200 copies, February 2020
ISBN 978-961-94711-4-2

CHF 22,—

June 2020

Igor Hofbauer
Igor Hofbauer is know among many fans of alternative music, since he had a great impact on club scene’s visual identity. His most famous work are posters and flyers for the club Mocvara in Zagreb. He designed more than 100 posters and 20 album covers for clubs and bands in Europe and USA. 

sketch book 2004 – 2009

CHF 20,–

June 2020

Liam Ashley Clark
His work has its roots in DIY and skate culture, politic, hip-hop, folk and street art, but is also influenced by other contemporary and historical practicies, it commonly contains a combination of image and text, a large use of colour and pattern, and often has an injection of humour.

CHF 5,– each zine

June 2020

San Remo
Remo Keller, bassist of the Basel band Denner Clan and member of the comic collective MILK & WODKA, designer, lives for and from art – with a minimum of security and a maximum of freedom.

Vol. 1 play it loud!
Vol. 2 play it louder!

CHF 15,– each book

June  2020

Dave The Chimp
UK-born and Berlin-based street artist and illustrator Dave the Chimp’s oeuvre started with skating and fanzines and is ranging from his famous ‘Human Beans’ to designing playgrounds today.

Ways to deal 
this book is dedicated to everyone who ever stepped on a skateboard and never stepped off
CHF 10,–

That Was A Good Time
The umpublished Suicide Note of a Survivor
CHF 12,–

June 2020

Ana Vujic
The Swiss-Serbian artist and art critic Ana Vujic has long been reflecting on social criticism, urbanism and street art as well as scrutinising media representation of socio-economic realities and conflicts. Preferably, she goes about this artistically with found material and coarse instruments, in this particular case working on especially large formats and in stark contrasts of black and white.

Fight for your rights
CHF 7,– (left)

Nothing lasts forever
CHF 15,– (right)

May 2020

Craig questions Scott
People drown themselves in contradiction
The impure thoughts of perversion
Torturous feelings of self-hatred
Drawings, some skateboard graphics
Some just drawings

Divers old zines:
CHF 6,– / CHF 10,–

May 2020

Craig Scott
To the great high plains where the lonesome winds blow to oblivion
travel diary through USA
Vol 1.  the flight / Yellowstone park
Vol 2. The drive across Wyoming / Colorado
Vol 3. Utah delicate arches / Southern California
Vol 4. Salton Sea / Sacramento
Vol 5. The redwoo forests / The end of the trip

CHF 8.50 each / CHF 35,– Vol 1.-5.


May 2020

BLOKES t-shirt 
snelling scream screen print on gildan heavy cotton

Blokes is an 80s influenced British street-life comedy violence skateboarding film written, directed, filmed and edited by Ed Hubert and his starring cast Jake Snelling, Jack Lammas, Craig Questions, and Dan Singer, co-starring Stockwell locals and friends.
CHF 35,–

March 2020
Raymond Pettibon’s work embraces a wide spectrum of American “high” and “low” culture, from the deviations of marginal youth to art history, literature, sports, religion, politics, and sexuality. Taking their points of departure in the Southern California punk-rock culture of the late 1970s and 1980s and the “do-it-yourself” aesthetic of album covers, comics, concert flyers, and fanzines that characterized the movement, his drawings have come to occupy their own genre of potent and dynamic artistic commentary.

Co-published by Nieves and Innen Zurich (2nd Edition, 2020)
CHF 12,–

March 2020
Dash Snow (1981–2009) is best known for his sculptural installations, collages, and photographs. Snow has exhibited in galleries and museums such as the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Biennale, Deitch Projects and CFA Gallery in Berlin.

Since his late teens, Snow has used photography to documents his days and nights of extreme hedonism – nights which, as he famously claimed, he might not otherwise remember. This Zine contains a selection of his critical Dada-esque collages, which range from cum-glittered tabloid covers starring Saddam Hussein to straight text pieces to sculptural works composed of items like books and skeletal fragments; and a smattering of the photographs and Polaroids that originally made Snow famous outside of street art culture, where he began writing graffiti.

Co-Published by Nieves and Innen Zurich (2nd Edition, 2020)
CHF 12,–

March 2020
KATSU ANONYMOUS photos Ari Marcopoulos, GX1000
published on the occasion of Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair, September 2018
First edition published by innen in Zürich
CHF 20,–

March 2020
OG by Harry Jumonji
co-published by Know-Wave in Los Angeles and Innen in Geneva, Switzerland, 2017
CHF 20,–

March 2020
THE POPE’S SECRETS  by Ari Marcopoulos
First Edition co-published by Nieeves in Zurich and Innen in Geneva, 2014
CHF 20,–

February 2020
REAL II REAL a book by Leon Zuodar
print Riso Paradiso
Publisher Look Back and Laugh, Ljubljana, Slovenia
CHF 23,–


February  2020
How to Have Sex With Your Yoga Teacher  by DAVE the CHIMP
A New York Times Safe Space Supplement Book Club Choice
A Glass Half Full Publication<
CHF 8,–

January 2020

THE HUNTERS OF CYBER TOTEMS by Boris Pramatarov & Sophie Ung

In today’s hyper-connected society, where the slightest gesture is scrutinized and analyzed, being oneself is a luxury that few allow themselves, anguished by the prompt judgment of others. Hiding behind a mask appears to be a solution.

Boris, of Bulgarian origin, and Sophie, of Cambodian origin, offer a book on appearance and the search for identity.

 Book format A4 of 16 pages
3-color riso printing
Munken paper 150g
150 copies

Editions E2, Bruxelles
January 2020

CHF 10,–

January 2020
with 6 zines + DVD „Be One With The Bowl“ + stickers + „Ashes to ashes, concrete to concrete“ a bag full of good memories
CHF 69,–

January 2020
ZINE COLLECTION by Skate Board Museum, Berlin with following zines:I LOVE MY | No age limit! | DIY | NO SHITTY ADS | Blitzstein Welcome to the Jungle! published by Gingko Press
CHF 25,–

January 2020
CONGOLAND by Piet du Congo

Piet du Congo was nourished by comic books, alternative music, popular and medieval art. He chewed and digested these flavors to cook them in his sauce in a mash-up spirit inspired by breakcore and collage. Not tasting déjà vu, he mixes and destructured the codes of popular imagery, mixing religious icons, propaganda art, 8 bit aesthetics, cinema posters, art brut… Over the years, he has applied his recipe to drawing, painting, installations, tattooing, concert organization or DJing and VJing. Trying to avoid the mass distribution circuit and to remain faithful to the DIY tradition, he seeks to share his taste for experimentation and thus feed a counter-culture that has itself nourished him.

A4 book – 24 pages
Digital color printing
Old Mill ivory paper 190g and 300g
200 copies

published by Edtions E2, Bruxelles
September 2019
CHF 20,–


January 2020
JAUNE IRONIE  screenprinted book Edition Epox et Botox, France
An equisite corpse, unexpected and improvised composition of its visual and literal interpretations. Irony Yellow is a story with a forked tongue one must laugh about, with spirit
CHF 40,–

January 2020
screenprinted, handbound and produced by Strane Dizioni, Seripola; Italy
CHF 15,–

December 2019
100 years of Russian revolution | Zoopark magazine #3
Time capsule, buried in the wall of the House of Culture in Novosibirsk in 1967 and retrieved in 2017.
Zoopark magazine is a project of two Russian photographers, Tatyana Palyga and Alexander Bondar
CHF 32,–

December 2019
SAM is made and printed in the Netherlands and runs around two issues ayear. We try to feature interesting work from all over the world: from big ass murals in the streets to fine studio art to funky wholecars to unique installations and from established artists to new kids: as long as it’s fresh!
CHF 10,–

December 2019
PHOENIX (tome 1) & LES YEUX SANS VISAGE (tome 2) by Emilie Désir, Editions NUIT NOIRE, Paris
Les photos de ces fanzines ont été prise à Paris entre le 1 décembre 2018 et le 1 mai 2019 lors du mouvement des Gilets Jaunes
CHF 12,– each book

December 2019
DO YOU KNOW THE SONG? Vol. 2 by SAN REMO de Milk and Wodka, Edition Hey Ho, Let’s go!, Basel
28 songs to find out
CHF 15,–

December 2019
SPOERPOT DEFF!! un projet artistique et associatif, Edition E2, Bruxelles
CHF 12,–

December 2019
LA-BAS ouvrage collectif by Körper autour du bien chevaleresque que morbide Gilles de Rais, ce héros de la Guerre de Cents Ans devenu bourreau d’enfant à la gloire de Satan, published by Edition E2, Bruxelles
CHF 12,–

November 2019
MISTER MORGEN by Igor Hofbauer french edition published by L’Association, Paris
comix book
CHF 35,–

November 2019
INSPEKTOR GÜRTEL a comic by Igor Hofbauer screenprinted, handbound and produced by STRANE DIZIONI Italia, November 2016 first edition
CHF 36,–

November 2019
PLUTATI U VREMENU NA ZEMLJI by Sergej Vutuc, riso book published by We Make It, Berlin
With Plutati u vremenu, na zemlji, the distinctive urban poetic of Sergej Vutuc shifts to natural treasures affected by humankind: Patagonian glaciers beome the unspoken landscape of an apocalyptic romance of commercialized destruction and about the concept of time. 
CHF 25,–

November 2019
NAKBA_DAY by Adrien Vautier published by Editions Nuit Noire, Paris, 2019
Cette série, réalisée les 14 et 15 mai 2018 à Jérusalem et à la frontière cisjordaniennes, témoigne de deux événements concomittants: les manifestations contre l’ouverture d’une ambassade américaine dans la ville d’une part, et la commémoration du jour de la „Nakba“, l’exode des Palestiniens en 1948, d’autre part.
CHF 27,–

November 2019
Boxset of 2 zines, print and cassette
All printed on riso
Edition Look Back and Laugh, Ljubljana, Slovenia

New work from this Portugese madman living in New York. This time Amado brings back a punch in shape of a triangle flower bouquet zine, pink lava lamp zine, riso print and a mysterious cassette tape filled with very questionable content. All packed in a nifty screenprinted box.
CHF 23,–

October 2019
new zines edited by Nieves Zürich
Fair Game Leipzig by Nathalie du Pasquier
CHF 14,–
Hop Step Jump by Keiichi Tanaami
CHF 18,–
Who am I? by Adam Higton
CHF 5,–

June 2019
Knights in white satin
 riso book by Christopher de Bethune
published by dienacht Publishing, Germany
CHF 15,–

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June 2019
Illustrationen für das Schauspielhaus, Zürich
Luca Schenardi wurde 2017 vom Schauspielhaus Zürich eingeladen, fünf „Journale“ für zwei Spielzeiten zu illustrieren. Jede Ausgabe fokussierte sich auf jeweils zwei bis drei thematisch untereinander in Beziehung tretende Theaterstücke.
CHF 15,–

June 2019
antifanzine published by ABRUPT Zürich
sold out

June 2019
Jesse Jacobs is a Canadian illustrator and comic artist who lives in London, Ontario (Canada). He has created t-shirt designs, newspaper illustrations, record covers, skateboard graphics, and comic books.
Publisher Rotopolpress, Kassel (Germany)
Deutsche Ausgabe
CHF 25,–

June 2019
CHF 10,–