Christophe Lambert


deep dark secrets swallowed, chewed and vomits
for your eye’s pleasure.
Shadows fade away, beginning to see the light;
redrawn edges by imagination … creating a new space … …
you’re not alone anymore …
enter the darkroom.

Christophe Lambert has scraped his knees resisting the obvious paths of an artist. His eclectic body of work includes films, illustrations, zines, graphic design, sculpture and collage, making him the original luxury punk. Always DIY, and always invited warmly into various avant-garde scenes, his is a constant work in progress. What is revealed in this anxiety is an artist who constantly manipulates and re-appropriates, taking anything and everything sacred and pulling at it until it is profane once more. It is a human work. It is a punk work.

DARKROOM | exhibition view, June 2015

concert EXCUSE EXCUSE at opening reception Saturday 6 June 2015