Yummy Industries

1998              Yummy Industries was founded by Francesca and Bernhard
for the purpose of exploring and defining the fine line that runs between science and nonsense
actually based in Basel, Switzerland

One person exhibitions
2013 EBB AND FLOW | Gallery Daeppen
2010 A BREATH OF FRESH AIR | Gallery Daeppen, Basel

Projects (selection)
2010    VOLVO ART SESSION | Zurich Main Station
2008 THE GATE OF WOODOO | Installation Volta Show, Basel
2008 SPOCK'S BRAIN | Interactive Space, European Skateboard Championship, Basel
2007 SUBMARINE LOULOU | Installation, Manufaktur, Basel
2007 THE MISSING LINK | Installation Scope Basel
2006 HINTER DER KULISSEN | Interactive Installation, Cartoon Museum, Basel
  SMART DOOR | Rojo Smart Magazine, Barcelona and Berlin
2005 CARDBOARD CITY | Installation BBB Barcelona
2003 - 2008         DRAWING MACHINE | Miami, Barcelona, New York, Basel, Paris ...

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