Friedhard Kiekeben - Statement

Kiekeben's works of art take form as digital wall drawings, etched and printed metal friezes and sculptures, and sequences of original prints.

His projects often include tailor made and site-specific installations and are exhibited internationally in private and public galleries and museums. The work plays with conventions of perception that art be static and confined, rather than tumbling towards. us.

In the new work minimalist grids are subjected to exuberant digital manipulations.
Through warping, twisting, and expanding, the solidity of the source image gives way to the vibrant dynamism of simulated flow patterns: "cascade", "tumble", "flow".

Friedhard Kiekeben, born 1963, trained at the Royal College of Art, London and in Frankfurt, Germany. After 15 years of living in the UK the artist is now based in the USA where he is Professor of Printmaking at Columbia College, Chicago.