Dunja Jankovic

Dunja Jankovic | MODULE

Using the process of repetition, juxtaposition and modulating, most basic visual codes are elaborated into various structures and compositions. This series is about searching for abstract emotions, obscured meanings and forgotten symbolism through mathematical approaches. Or just a formal exercise.

So far, this series is developing in 2 directions: paper and textile. Rhythm is very important part in my work, and patterns, that are a visual rhythm are super apply-able to anything. It's interesting to me to push my work through different incarnations. It will start as a drawing, then a screen print, then it will become a t-shirt, maybe next it will be a rug, etc. I also like the idea of taking away the mysticism of the medium. Using an art piece to warm your feet or wrap it around your butt. And then have the same piece on your wall, nicely framed.

Modules are printed in my island screenprint studio located in the abandoned sardine factory in Croatia.

> SERIGRAPHIEN a group show, January/February 2018
> WANTING TO GET FREE a group show, June/July 2017
> cargocollective.com|dunjajankovic
> Instagram/about_dunja_jankovic

Dunja Jankovic | Modul 5 | screen print | 100 x 70 cm

Dunja Jankovic, WANTING TO GET FREE, exhibition view July 2017 (object in the middle)