Damien Comment | Nebulous Borders

An Inuit adolescent has to fight a polar bear to prove his maturity. The result of this brutal and abrupt ritual discloses the indispensable power he is expected to require, which makes him hastily leave a reality that has been altered by a cruel universe. The victorious predator becomes the predisposed victim. Devoted to himself, he now has to begin hunting, and above all, avoid the inevitable arrows.

Western society places a great deal of importance on the individual, thus favoring competition and selfishness. Establishing one's self in society and seeking recognition can sometimes become an act of savagery. The youth, shaped by an elitist society, pursues a practice of hunting for sustenance; he paves his own path and forms new ways to confirm his belonging.

The hunt is on: Hunting men, searching for political and sexual identity, pursuing the quest for heroism, triumphing over others, treasure- seeking, attaining targets, orgasmic battles, extermination in full discharge, a blissfully unaware victim. These roles and the significance of gestures merge into the mysterious depth of the nebulous woods.

Exhibition LISIERES NEBULEUSES | Galerie Les Territoires, Montreal | 2009