street artist based in Vitry sur Seine (France)

Exhibitions and other projects
2014 WELCOME ON BIRD solo show Gallery Daeppen
  LE HERON BLEUTE, Paris 13e, Place de la Vénétie
2013    LA TOUR DE PARIS 13e, face of building and 5e floor
  Techno parade, Paris, September
  STENCIL BASTARD 2, group exhibition, Zurich
Japan Exhibition, Paris | July 2013
Cargill wall, mural: 5 x 75 meters tall, realized with the IMF team, Saint Nazère | June 20
  Artist residence at les Bains Douches | January to March
2012 Collage at The "Festival Rue Stick", Puteaux | September
  Mural for "Toison d'art", Dijon | July
2011 Robot Monkey for Kipling, Galerie La Tour, Paris | June
2010 Live mural during 5-year anniversary of Elegangz, Paris | December
  Group mural for the town of Vitry-sur-Seine | May
  War Fare, group exhibition, Grafik Gallery, London | February
  "Vitry ville street art" Critères Editions | September 2013
  "Les Bains résidence d'artistes" Edition Drago | May 2013
  "Paris pochoirs" Edition Alternatives | January 2012
  Vitry vit le street art" Critères Editions | May 2011
  "Graffiti" by Claude Abron | January 2010
  "Stencil History X" Editions C215 | 2007
  "Livre Rouge " Editions C215 | 2006